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Robert Gonnella (ex-Assassin)   vocals

Rob was the original and founder member of Assassin and released with them four albums (The Upcoming Terror, Interstellar Experience, The Club & Breaking the silence). During his stay in China he also was founding member of Raging Mob and released one album (Raging Mob). Rob is a pure old school Thrasher with a crazy show!

Dirk Preylowski (Warrant)  lead guitar

Next to his current Speed Metal legend Warrant, Dirk joined the Raging Rob team as the lead guitar player and which ensures that his already existing Thrash songs lined up over the years are ready to go and be released. Dirk started in the 80s DDT (Düsseldorfer Death Thrasher) days with Apostasy, played at Downstroke, Down Inc. & Human Bastard and which his great solos he is a major enrichment to Raging Rob. Once Dirk gets on stage ready to kill, then watch out !


Maik Jansen (ex-Human Bastard)   rythm guitar

In soccer our home team's Fortuna Düsseldorf's old and long time friend is Union Solingen and Maik just comes from Solingen and after Human Bastard now teamed up with Raging Rob. Maik is 100% dedicated to the band and also designed our new great logo. Pure old school Thrash metal with good quality (music & show) is his credo and just the right man on Raging Rob's guitar position.

Rudi Görg (ex-Human Bastard)   bass

Rudi's musician history has the most varieties: before he was guitar player in Chemical Death, he was the vocalist in Human Bastard & 21st Century Killing Machine & Complex Fiction and played the bass for Lost century, Zyklon X, Human Bastard, Justica & Contradiction. As all the other, in the 80s he hanged out with the Düsseldorfer Death Thrasher and now with 50 he joined without hesitation Raging Rob. One time thrasher, always Thrasher !!!

Frank Nellen (ex-Assassin)   drums

Frank was one of the original 80s drummer of Assassin and was almost 30 years member of the group. He released with Assassin two albums (Interstellar Experience & The Club). His drums are his everything: Besides playing old school Thrash Metal, he is a master on drums for different kinda music style. Pure old school Metal Head who will drink anyone under the table after a live show. Watch out !



RAGING ROB was just founded in April.2014. The reason this website is set up is as follows:

- to indroduce the band & it's members incl. professional photographs

- the bio explains the connection of Rob's former band in China 'Raging Mob' with now 'Raging Rob'

- it shows & explains the 2015 live set list which includes many Assassin and several Raging Mob songs

- currently the music & videos are only from Raging Mob as Raging Rob will release their new album in 2015

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